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Mind-vomit that's kid tested and mother approved

Here, greatness of my life is forever forgotten

5 April 1982
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In the Navy because I didn't know what to do after high school in Tualatin and I felt like I had no friends or future, dragged by a train in Chicago, worked at a hospital in Seattle, was denied medical benefits, lost all my friends, got suckered into moving to Portland 5 years ago by a crazy "ex-nicaraguan army" pathological liar and phone fraudster, got all my belongings stolen, funded a homeless drinking binge on credit because I had a vision I would die when I turned 25, sobered up, cleaned up, realized I probably wasn't going to die really soon, stupidly declared bankruptcy, worked at a few call-centers, made some goals, started going back to college and hoping to make the world a better place. Yeah, and some other stuff happened too.