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Theism is crazy. I give up, I gotta say it. I just spent 4 hours reading through a comment thread http://reason.com/archives/2012/03/10/atheism-is-a-religion#commentform

Atheists are called out for being militant and "fundamentalist" so much when all they're doing is posing an argument. Then this person tries to marginalize and distract from the arguments by calling Atheism a religion, and she whines when people are fed up and take her to task about it on twitter - then she uses that backlash as proof that it's a religion!
Someone tweeted to her "Non-belief is a belief if OFF is a TV channel" the nerve! Meanwhile people get death threats for bringing up separation of church and state and the church tries to paint banning prayer in publicly funded institutions as a push to ban religion throughout the public sphere ("just as foretold in their spooooky book" *gasp* "don't forget to tithe and vote Republican!")

Look, I am the most militant atheist I know because when people ask me about my beliefs I tell them, but I also am not evangelistic - there's a reason you never see Atheists on street corners shouting for hours from a street corner in the rain. We're not concerned about a sky god watching us and judging whether or not we deserve to go to eternal torture or eternal bliss, we don't consider the people with which we disagree to be immoral, unclean, agents of evil. We are not a part of world-wide organizations built on "flocks" of people who are told what interpretation to take on an insane book, that they have to believe in on faith. When Atheists are really rude, it's either a lack of patience with circular logic, or just the fact that some people are rude. If Theists feel belittled it's because they believe in an ancient collection of oral traditions passed down for generations and redacted to suit Roman rule and including talking snakes and turning people into pillars of salt.

I don't believe in magic, or the tooth fairy, or Sherlock Holmes. I don't believe in God or any gods. Because I'm a big sci-fi nerd I might believe that there are civilizations so advanced that they would seem like gods to us, or that the entire universe is sufficiently complex and interconnected that it could be described to be a living thing, or that we are actually all in a very advanced simulation - but I think it's most likely that we happen to be lucky to be aware that we are alive and that's just about the most we're ever likely to know on the subject for sure.

But I don't want to sound like an agnostic theist here. I really, really think that there's no evidence to suggest the existence of any supernatural or metaphysical beings beyond our imagination.

There, I said it.
Impregnating a random woman without consent in order to have a "son" that walks on water, turns water into wine, brings someone back from the dead, and then sacrificing him so that all our souls can be saved so we can not go to eternal punishment because a talking snake convinced a woman made out of a rib into eating some fruit? Why can't we call that delusional? I mean, I wouldn't usually, but then again I'm the meek kind of person that just agrees with crazy people on the street when they want to tell me the "good word" and give me weird pamphlets about how Jesus can be my new ghost dad if I just believe. Maybe it's ok if you take it for what it is, just a bunch of really old stories loosely based around real events. Maybe you could say the same thing about Scientology. I'm sure it's really great for some people who need something in their lives that our society can't provide, for some people it's the only thing that saves them from addiction. LSD has a good track record for that too, new studies are showing...

We don't need religion for morality, religion needs morality to keep their tax-free status, religious people try to act moral under threat of eternal damnation, and atheists act moral in order to be good people, which is its own reward.