War with Iran is such a terrible idea for so many reasons that it simply won't happen. It makes for inflammatory campaign rhetoric used to excite the base, but intelligence and military leaders from every side considers war to be an impossible option.

"But Iran has said that Israel should be wiped out, we can't let them have the means to do it!"

Look, as it is now, Iran knows that it would be suicide. Intelligence assessments from the US and Israel describe Iran as a rational actor, and that they aren't working on a military nuclear program. They go on to say that attacking Iran would prove without a doubt that the only way for them to be safe from further attacks would be to get nukes, so a strike like Netanyahu has been crowing about would actually be a self fulfilling prophecy. But Iran suspects Israel to be a rational actor as well and everyone not in front of main stream media and behind a podium is saying that this should all die down once the elections in these countries are over.

News on this has been popping up a lot and if anyone wants sources on this position, I can provide them. What's less obvious is why exactly this is all happening, though I can easily speculate that oil is involved, as the threat of the straight of Hormuz being closed has incited speculation, pricing a 9 month shortage of supply into the current oil price and making a lot of money for Big Finance and the military industrial complex, of which all Netanyahu, the GOP, and the executive branch are all clients. All this talk of war also has the effect of continuing the rightward shift in US politics, as conservatives take insanely dangerous positions and Democrats compromise by taking only a moderately insane position, as Obama did when speaking at AIPAC and reminding everyone that he will do absolutely anything Netanyahu wants, including military action. Forget any anti-war liberal ideals, who cares that suggesting that we would preemptively invade a sovereign nation to prevent the development of a program that it actually has the legal right to pursue only strengthens the Iranian regime which relies on the threat of violence from without in order to maintain its violent grip within.

I really don't think we'll go to war, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't be mad as hell about even the idea of getting into another such quagmire. The GOP taking this idea to the general election campaign will have to tell the American people how it would be a good idea to tackle a country many times more capable and populace than Iraq, especially when we can all see how well Iraq went.