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The much remarked upon 10,000 dollar bet that Romney offered to Perry is being talked about as yet another example of Romney not being able to avoid appearing out of touch with blue-collar, red-state, anti-elitist Americans.

Though Romney is the richest candidate, the only reason the other candidates haven't imported horses from France is because they're not big horse fans, not because they aren't also rich enough to spring for such luxuries or would shy from spending money so extravagantly.

There was of course the near-million dollar tab Gingrich ran up showering his current wife with diamonds, or the cruise to Greece he went on instead of campaigning in Iowa early on, which prompted the first generation of his campaign staff to abandon him over the belief that he was more concerned with self promotion than winning.

It doesn't matter who wins the primary, though. Despite the polls, I still can't believe it will be Newt, and in spite of the polls I feel like it must be Mitt - or maybe Ron Paul out of no where, but there's really not enough different about their positions to make a difference to the Obama campaign. All he'll have to do is honestly describe the GOP platform, that huge corporations and the super-rich deserve subsidies and favors, and poor people deserve dangerous water and lower wages.

Aside from the disenfranchisement backup plan that the GOP have been building for years, the worst thing that could happen to the Obama campaign is dissatisfaction among his base - and there is plenty of that. It could siphon votes away into the ether, or worse, embolden a protest candidate, a "spoiler" to split the vote a la Nader. Someone who speaks to progressive values, who condemns Obama for not closing illegal bases, for not standing in the way of retroactive immunity, for looking the other way when it comes to war crimes or crimes against humanity, for racheting up the use of mercenaries and illegal drone-strike assassinations, for supporting the attempted Honduran coup and regimes like Syria, and so on.

Ex-Salt Lake Mayor Rocky Anderson, Former Democrat, Launches Third Party Presidential Bid Against Obama, GOP

Check out this video. Rocky Anderson could be that candidate. Hell, I think I'll vote for him.
I don't get what the hell's going on with Gingrich. I was reading the Sunday Post a couple of weeks ago as his ascent was becoming clear and everyone was complaining about him, conservatives and liberals. How does he manage to become the front runner? does not compute. Anyway, fine with me if he wins the GOP nomination, no way in hell will he win a general election.